Representing the Scout Movement

Representer le Mouvement Scout

Representar al Movimiento Scout

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By: Global Support Centre

As an external representative, a spokesperson, a volunteer, or a professional working at national or international levels of Scouting, we could be called upon to represent the Movement in an article, interview, or speech at any time. This resource will provide us with some ideas and key messages on how to make our task a little easier. When in scarf or uniform, we reflect Scouting's brand and have a duty to protect and strengthen the reputation and image of Scouting in speech, action, and visual representation.

In this guide, we'll take a look at how to combine effective messaging, inclusive visual cues, and friendly attitudes to represent our Movement in the best way possible. Always remember: practice makes perfect! Engaging and accurate representation can be improved, so let's get to work!

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