Match the Needs - self-assessment tool for humanitarian action

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By: Global Support Centre

This activity helps young people to be motivated, discussing and thinking about the topic of preparing for emergency- ‘being prepared!’ Participants will be encouraged to come up with solutions to common difficulties faced by people experiencing disasters, resulting in better preparedness in case of emergency and the need for disaster response.
This activity helps participants to contemplate the different difficulties faced by individuals finding themselves in a situation of emergency, allowing them to consider different measures to be better prepared.
Activity development
1. Go on the Kahoot (link below)
2. Ask friends to join you in this challenge!
3. Answer the challenge pin: 0604952
4. Answer the question with the good answer, time is counting!
5. When you finish, you can see your score!

Questions you can think about:
• Have you ever experienced an emergency like this before? Or your region, country? How did you /the country react?
• What can Scouts do to prepare? In their communities – at home
• How can we help people during an emergency? Do we help everyone in the same manner?
• Why is it important to be prepared?
• Can you think of other ways to help before, during and after a disaster has happened

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