Listening Ear Framework

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By: Europe Support Centre

The role of a Listening Ear has evolved over the years as an integral part of Scouting's commitment to keeping children, young people and adults Safe from Harm. This framework recognises the importance of providing support during events to listen to the challenges individuals may be facing, especially in times of emotional or mental difficulty.

While the historical emphasis in Scouting was on physical first aid, the evolving understanding of the mind and social awareness requires us to proactively work to create a safe environment and support individuals in their personal needs and emotional and psychological challenges. Listening Ears play a crucial role by lending a compassionate ear to those in need. Listening and understanding fundamental human needs form the core of this service. The framework equips staff and volunteers with the knowledge and resources for supporting events and activities through a listening ear system.

Member Organizations are encouraged to adapt the LE framework and its components to their national needs. The approach outlined below can be adapted to build a listening ear structure for different aspects of scouting operations.In local scout groups and patrols, as well as national teams and working groups.

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