WOSM Guidelines for Organising Sustainable Events

Directrices de la OMMS para organizar eventos sostenibles

Lignes directrices de l'OMMS pour l'organisation d'événements durables

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Scouts around the world regularly take part in events on a local, national, regional, and world scale. These events offer opportunities for learning, creating long-lasting friendships, and, in the case of international events, discovering new cultures and traditions.

Events, regardless of their size, have a social, economic, and environmental impact on the community in which the event takes place. A sustainable event takes these elements into account and aims at minimising the negative impact, while also working towards increasing the positive one.

Scouting events impact the environment: starting from participants’ travel, the use of energy, water, and meeting materials at the venue, to food consumption and waste management. Each of these components, if not managed from a sustainability standpoint, could negatively impact the environment. WOSM has recognised the need to provide support to event bidders and hosts in this area.

Guidelines for organising environmentally sustainable events is now available to address sustainability in a consistent and holistic manner in the management of Scouting events and meetings. These guidelines focus primarily on the environmental impact of events and improving the practices related to this area.

These guidelines focus on event bidders and elected hosts for world- and regional-level Scouting events such as jamborees, moots, conferences, and forums. They also serve organisers of smaller events and meetings (e.g. workshops, Operational Framework structures meetings, committee meetings). The guidelines apply, too, to National Scout Organizations when organising their own events.

Estas pautas se enfocan principalmente en el impacto ambiental de los eventos y en mejorar las prácticas relacionadas con esta área. Estas pautas se enfocan en los licitadores de eventos y los anfitriones elegidos para eventos de Scouting a nivel mundial y regional, como jamborees, moots, conferencias y foros. También sirven a los organizadores de eventos y reuniones más pequeños (por ejemplo, talleres, reuniones de estructuras del Marco Operativo, reuniones de comités). Las pautas también se aplican a las OSN cuando organizan sus propios eventos.

Ces directives se concentrent principalement sur l'impact environnemental des événements et sur l'amélioration des pratiques liées à ce domaine. Ces directives se concentrent sur les soumissionnaires d'événements et les hôtes élus pour les événements scouts de niveau mondial et régional tels que les jamborees, les moots, les conférences et les forums. Ils servent également les organisateurs d'événements et de réunions plus petits (par exemple, des ateliers, des réunions de structures du cadre opérationnel, des réunions de comités). Les lignes directrices s'appliquent également aux OSN lors de l'organisation de leurs propres événements.

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