World Scout Committee Triennial Report 2017 - 2021

Rapport triennal 2017-2021 du Comité Mondial du Scoutisme - SOMMAIRE EXÉCUTIF

Informe Trienal del Comité Scout Mundial 2017-2021 - RESUMEN EJECUTIVO

اللجنة الكشفية العالمية 2017 - 2021 تقرير الثلاث سنوات - الملخص

Всемирный Скаутский Комитет - Отчёт за трёхлетие 2017-2021 годов - ПОЯСНИТЕЛЬНАЯ ЗАПИСКА

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By: Global Support Centre

Read the World Scout Committee 2017-2021 Triennial Report and Executive Summaries to learn more about the achievements and impact of the Scout Movement over the past triennium. The report covers the implementation of the World Triennial Plan from 2017-2020, as well as WOSM’s 100-day emergency response and one-year strategic plan from 2020-2021.The Triennial Report highlights how we grew stronger together as a united Movement and made further progress towards the achievement of Vision 2023 as our Strategy for Scouting. Looking forward, the next triennium will focus on achieving sustainable growth, adopting education for sustainable development, ensuring Scouting is Safe from Harm, and widening our impact and influence across the Movement and beyond.

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