Understanding WOSM’s Environmental Impact

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By: Global Support Centre

For more than a century, Scouting has kept environmental protection and sustainability at its verycore; living in harmony with nature is an integral part of the Scout Method. In a world facing more environmental crises than ever before, this report comes as a timely response to questions about Scouting’s environmental impact. Determining this impact for the Movement as a whole would require not only qualifying and quantifying the negative impact of all Scouting events and operations, but also the positive impact of environmental protection projects Scouts complete on a daily basis in their local communities. The scope of this initial report is focused only on the impact of WOSM as an organisation, its events, and its operations. Understanding WOSM’s environmental impact is a baseline study and recommendations for improvement. This report explains the current situation regarding WOSM’s environmental impact and the progress that has been achieved in the area to date. It is a response to Conference Resolution 2017-10 adopted at the 41stWorld Scout Conference in Azerbaijan in 2017.The information collected and presented in this report is indicative of the situation and supports the recommendations listed here.

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