Toolkit on Financial Management for NSOs

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Financial Management for NSOs is a three-part Toolkit providing explanations of the topics presented, examples of solutions and references to further resources.Volume 1 guides NSOs through the basics of financial accounting and financial roles within an NSOVolume 2 describes budgets and the budgetary process, including information about the fixed assets register, inventory and procurement procedures and guidelinesVolume 3 unveils advanced topics of financial reporting and financial controlThe information and solutions presented through the Toolkit are designed to help NSOs move towards effectively utilisingavailable resources and obtaining financial stability and growth. Achieving this will ultimately help the NSO raise finances through lower cost expenditure, maximize their income and expand their capital value in the long-term. The toolkit is kept as simple as possible to serve as a reference for NSOs on various stages of development. More resources and relevant support in the area of financial management is available to NSOs through the WOSM Services.

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