Scoutship - A Compass for Adult Volunteers

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Welcome on board of the Scoutship. Adult Leaders, Volunteers and Rovers we want you to join us to discover the Scoutship, the new digital resource around Adults in Scouting. Gathering tips, ideas and tools, the Scoutship will allow us to go further in supporting Adults in Scouting in their better management. We hope you will join us and use the compass to explore the 7 seas of Adults life in Scouting. BACKGROUND:The need to support National Scout Organizations (NSOs) in developing their training capacity was recognised a long time ago. Since the 26th World Scout Conference in Montreal 1977, NSOs have been entrusted with this responsibility. Efforts have been made on improving and expanding training material to assist NSOs to develop relevant training schemes and programmes, organise their courses, and increase the skills and capability of their trainers. The International Training Handbook was initially produced and updated periodically during those years.Based on the recommendation of the 33rd World Scout Conference in Bangkok 1993, the necessary steps were taken to ensure the full implementation of the provisions of the World Adult Resources Policy. The first version of the World Adult Resources Handbook (WARH) was born. The WARH was aimed primarily at those who have the responsibility for managing adult resources, such as members of the National Adult Resources Committee. It was also utilised by those responsible for training at the national level, and even more widely due to specific needs. By adopting the World Adults in Scouting Policy in 2011 and its revision in 2017, the need for a resource that covers elements of the new policy and the Adults in Scouting Life Cycle became evident. After intensive work by a dedicated team and experts in Adults in Scouting, and with the involvement of different stakeholders, the reviewed World Adults in Scouting Handbook is now available. In the efforts of digitizing our resources, the handbook presents itself as an online platform, now called Scoutship.
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