Model Workshop on Quality

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By: Europe Support Centre

The aim of the document is to provide an approach and tools to begin the process of reflecting and improving the levels of service provided by NSO/As to their membership and society.

We expect that those using the document will:

Be able to define the meaning of quality and identify key principles of quality and how to relate them to Scouting and explain the basic concepts of quality (of doing one’s best)
Be able to outline the needs and expectations of different persons and groups involved and how to measure their satisfaction
Be able to recognize the quality management they already do in their Scouting
Have experienced some examples of quality management
Be able to establish a plan of improvement for their association and have an idea about introducing it in their particular situation
The target group for the document is national leaders, having influence in the NSO. Experienced trainers can easily adjust this model to any situation: district, local, non-Scout...

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