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Le héros- Affiche Baden Powell

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The Hero of Mafeking

In 1899, stretching his talents and astuteness to the full, Colonel Baden Powell saved the South African village of Mafeking, after 217 days under siege by the Boers. He had only 1,000 men against 6,000. One of his side’s strengths which made all the difference were the youngsters trained as sentinels and runners. On his return, the English acclaimed him as a hero and the Queen made him a General.

Le héros de Mafeking

En 1899, en multipliant les astuces, le colonel Baden-Powell sauve la ville de Mafeking (Afrique du Sud) assiégée depuis 217 jours par les Boers. Il dispose de 1.000 hommes contre 6.000. Sa force : des jeunes garçons entraînés comme sentinelles et messagers. Les Anglais l’acclame comme un héros et la Reine le nomme général.

Baden Powell
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