Growth Best Practice: National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine

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By: Global Support Centre

"In Ukraine, scouting has always been community based and works well in this situation. However, it exists some areas and regions where our organisation is less represented despite the fact that it would be useful for the population and the communities. We have decided to develop a programme to have a school-based scouting in different places of the country. On a long term this can enable us to offer scouting to more youth coming from diverse geographical areas.

We started to do this thanks to a favourable change of the legal situation which came from the adoption of a new law in Ukraine to support nonformal education. This represented a great opportunity for us to develop our links with the government and more particularly the Ministry of education. With their support, we were able to have schools which were more trustful and willing to implement scouting."

Below you can read more about how they were able to develop this program and engage schools in this process.

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