Youth Leadership Training Guide

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By: Global Support Centre

This document provides practical guidance from the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) on implementing Youth Leadership Training for National Teams or any NSO/NSA structure interested in developing this learning opportunity. It aims to enhance the capabilities of young people to be part of decision-making processes. The guide offers comprehensive strategies, educational content, and logistical considerations to support NSOs/NSAs in creating impactful training experiences. It is designed to help young individuals develop the necessary skills and knowledge for effective leadership and meaningful participation at all levels of the organisation. This document is part of the broader Youth Leadership in Decision Making collection.

This document is part of the Youth Leadership in Decision Making collection, which consists of:

YLiDM collection

Positive Youth Development
Rover Scouts 17-26
RoverVenture Scouts 14-17
Youth Empowerment
Youth Engagement
Youth Involvement
Youth Programme
Youth Representatives
Adults in Scouting
WOSM Resources
Youth Engagement

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